Real People Serving a Real God
through Love and Mission

Current Sermon Series

Do you have to be perfect for God to use you? Do you have to be exceptionally talented to serve God? So many people hold back in serving God because they feel theyre not smart enough, not gifted enough, not trained enough, not 'fill inthe blank' enough.

On the other hand, the kind of people God loves to work through are willing people who know who they are and know their purpose. The kind of people God truly works through to accomplish His purposes are those who are simply...real. Real people, meaning those who are humble, selfless, unpretentious, admit their limitations, but walk in their strenghts, people who have gone through the fire and come out of it on the other side. Real people are those who fight for unity, help create a culture of Christ-like compassion, and those who love to show the love of Jesus through their lives. Real people interwoven with a real God creates an immmovable, unbreakable partnership of love and mission with one another and Him.

This new ten-week series begins on January 14th as Pastor Rob shares stories and lessons from some of the real people in the Bible and how we as Living Water Church have a fresh vision put right in front of us for 2018 and beyond!